Where to stay?

Homestay and hotels in Costa Rica, Latin America

Logos offers you both: Home stays with a qualified and proven family as well as staying at a hotel or hostel.

If you decide on a home stay we guarantee to place you at a carefully selected family (please see our 100% money-back guarantee)! Our families are located in the San Jose suburbs (10-20 minutes from downtown) and all of them have proven to be reliable. You can always expect a clean, well-maintained home, excellent food (you receive TWO delicious meals INCLUDED every day!) and a friendly family who will give you many opportunties to speak Spanish.

Staying with a host family has proven to be the best way to be fully emerged into a Spanish speaking environment and gives you the advantage of developing a deep understanding of true Costa Rican lifestyle, of what we call “Pura Vida”!

The cost for lodging with a family is $20 per night and includes the washing of your clothes, breakfast, and lunch or dinner (optional) as well as a private bathroom, all of this only for $137 per week.

If you are a professional, need an extra portion of space or personal freedom you might want to consider staying at one of San Jose’s comfortable hotels, aparthotels and hostels. When registering for your classes simply leave the checkbox "home stay" blank and email us about your preference after you have booked your courses. We will inform you about the places we can recommend closer to the school.

Please fill out our Housing Form online or printable version (PDF).

Airport transportation:

If you decide to stay with a family, we can pick you up at the airport and take you to your new home. We can do the same if you decide to stay in a hotel, even though hotels have this service.

Fellow students,

You just have to know about the outstanding home stays that Logos offers! I stayed with a family for over 5 weeks and had the best time with them! Their house was located just about 15 minutes outside of downtown San Jose, they had a small garden, a huge living room with cable TV, the food was excellent and I had my own very clean room and bathroom. All people treated me like family, went out with me in the evenings, assisted me whenever I needed help and even celebrated my birthday with me!

Staying with a host family is a truly outstanding experience, helps you to improve your Spanish and gives you the great opportunity to make new friends. And not to forget: if you choose to stay with a Logos host family you save big bucks! The incredible thing is that although I have never stayed in a better place it was so much cheaper than any hotel; and cheaper than the family stays with most other schools!

All the best to you; and happy studying!

A-1140 Vienna, Austria

For further information, feel free to write to us right away and very soon we will reply to you. Please, fill out our questions and comments form.

Thank you very much for your interest in Logos!

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