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Centro de Idiomas LOGOS is a school that specializes in the teaching of Spanish languaje. Our goal is to not only teach the language in an effective way but to make learning fun as well! Our classes are creative and dynamic - with varied activities and resources and very interactive.

Our languaje courses have a conversational focus although this isn´t at the expense of covering the grammar, which is taught in a very practical way.

In our experience, we have found that our students look for a number of key characteristics in a language school:

  1. Quality Teachers: Who understand student´s needs and learning goals and are highly experienced in teaching languajes.
  2. Quality Courses: With a well thought out curriculum, backed by thorough course materials, that cater for all levels of languaje learning.
  3. Great Location that offers you a good environment for studying, cultural
    activities and sights, parties, dancing, lifestyle… and San Jose, Costa
    Rica, is THE place for all of that!
  4. Reliablity and trustworthiness, holding the sales-promise and providing
    clean and modern classrooms.
  5. Flexibility: That allows scope for tailoring the classes to the particular circumstances of the students; and, the most important of all,
  6. FUN! The key ingredient in every class that reminds us why we wanted to learn in the first place!

At LOGOS, we offer individual classes (for people who want to learn at their own pace) and group courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. To give you personalized attention, classes have a maximum of 5 students, but the average is usually 2 or 3 students per class. Our courses allow students to attend class for as long as they wish with a minimum of one week. Classes start every Monday.

You are probably going through a dense dungle of questions on the way to chose the right Spanish program for your needs. I have good news to share! This page will give you an overview about:

Total immersion teaching, the Location San Jose, Our Money Back-Guarantee,

Group lessons and how to chose the right course, the Timeframe, Certification, Accomodation and even Costa Rica sights. I know you just found the high quality Spanish Language Institute you were looking for.

I look forward to meeting you in person, chat with you and your colleagues and have an exciting time in Costa Rica!


Karla Leandro de Andersson, Director
Centro de Idiomas Logos

Thank you so much for being so friendly, it was a really pleasant stay. I enjoyed very much learning Spanish.

Rainer from Germany

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