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We donít believe in impersonal huge schools with hundreds of students, where the highest profit is the only thing that counts and people tend to forget your name. To give you the personal attention you need we at Logos limit the number of students to 20 per week. Yes thatís true Ė we only take 20(!) students for every week. Because quality is what counts and what letís YOU profit!

Although we offer this elite program to our students we have successfully kept our fees down to a minimum. Check out our courses and see for yourself: There is no Spanish school in Central America that offers you better service for such low prices.

If you are serious about studying Spanish...

... and want an unforgettable vacation then there simply is no better option than coming to Costa Rica and study Spanish at Logos!

Seriously Ė students from all over the world have told us that they have never been to a school where they felt more welcome and at home (if you want proof you can read some of the testimonials that we have received ;-).

At Logos we make sure that you receive personal attention and enjoy 100% immersion into Costa Rican lifestyle. This is why we strictly limit the number of available places. Make sure that you can study at Central Americas #1 Spanish school and register for your courses now!

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