Other services (without any aditional cost)

Coffee break

We just love to make you feel at home!! Thatís why we invite you to have a cup of coffee with us.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious snack every day; it includes coffee or tea, ice tea, bread or pastries.

You do not have to make any additional payment for this. You will have a little rest and a good chance to share and speak with students from other groups and the schoolís staff. It is a time for chatting and friendship.

To all at Logos, thank you so much for this great weeks I had here. It was a lot of fun. In the future I will remember with gladness this days, specially the time for coffee. Also I will always remember the last day and we all had so much fun. All are so friendly and smart and I will never forget my memories from here. Thank you so much.

Nathanael from Minneapolis

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Touring Costa Rica is easy with LOGOS!

Because we do all for you! Not only the teachers but also the Administrative Staff will be at your service to help and guide you with the information you need to travel inside our country or in the other Central American countries. We have a great deal of brochures and pamphlets full of information and you can take them freely. At the beginning of the course you will receive a folder with a map of Costa Rica and its cities. If you need to make a reservation or find out about a tour or service, our secretary will gladly help you. Do not hesitate in asking her for the information you need. We will take care of everything and help you with whatever you need!

We have special agreements with tourist agencies which help us to organize the most incredible tours anywhere in the country. And because of our connections you get the best prices for those tours ! Just come with us - we constantly go on afternoon tours and weekend tours and it is always big fun!

In this 8 weeks I learned much more than I expected. Traveling to Costa Rica and being at Logos has been a great experience.

Markus from Iceland

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Volunteer work

If you want to do some volunteer work you can tell us and we will look for an appropriate place, according to your interests and skills. Nurseries, organizations, schools, national parks, hospitals, churches and orphanages are among the many places you can do this volunteer work while you study ( half time) or at the end of the Spanish program.


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